ExitGrade Assessment


The ExitGrade Assessment simplifies the complex task of determining if the timing may be right for an exit as well as evaluating if the underlying fundamentals of the company favorably impact its exitability.  In addition, an ExitGrade assesses the potential of successfully accessing the Private Capital Markets.

An ExitGrade can also provide critical input for financial planning by giving an objective estimate of the company’s market value and areas of potential risk.

The higher the ExitGrade, the greater the likelihood of successfully accessing the Private Capital Markets and potentially creating a competitive deal environment.

The ExitGrade Assessment evaluates over 75 discrete factors consisting of more than a thousand data points influencing the likelihood of a “successful exit.” Intended for companies with at least $5 million in revenue, an ExitGrade takes two to three weeks to complete, is very confidential, and will not require much of the business owner’s time.

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