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As it should be, no two companies are alike and no two entrepreneurs are the same. When it comes to building a more valuable company, each company has a set of unique circumstances and each business owner has specific personal and corporate objectives. The next step for us is to listen to you.

Let’s start with having a conversation. We will be glad to come to a location of your choosing or you are always welcome to meet in our office. We can also meet “virtually.”

How We Help You Build Value

Investment Thesis:  Know what your company is worth today

The first step in building a more valuable company is to know what your company is worth today. We start with constructing an “Investment Thesis” by analyzing your company’s competitive environment, probing its strengths and opportunities, understanding current weaknesses and potential threats, and evaluating industry forces and growth trends.

With this foundation, we build an essential management tool: a detailed 5 year Pro Forma model based on your addressable market. The Pro Forma model forecasts future cash flows under different scenarios and assumptions. Based on these future cash flows, we derive the intrinsic value of your company. Since this intrinsic value is based on the fundamentals of your company – and is documented and defensible – it provides a good estimate of what your company is worth today. This Pro Forma model also enables you to test different strategies to see which create value and which strategies may destroy value. The Investment Thesis serves as the anchor point for building additional core equity value.

Core Equity Value Program:  Take your company to the next level

Value is not built over night. Value is built by formulating the right strategy, building the right team with the right expertise, skill sets, and level of commitment, and then executing well defined action plans and holding people accountable for producing the right results. The Core Equity Value Model “paints the targets” and prioritizes the business drivers that accelerate performance in the critical areas of strategic positioning, market development, and sales execution. Concurrently, we focus on improving economic drivers by establishing key metrics, rubrics, and performance-drivers. Working with the business owner and the management team, we build an executable road map to align everybody with the company’s growth strategy and then stay with you to achieve results that count and to produce value that matters.

ExitHigh’s Virtual Team Office facilitates collaboration, drives goal setting, reinforces accountability, and measures performance. Everyone is connected, plugged in, and kept in the loop with ready access to key metrics and information driving the company forward. ExitHigh’s Performance Benchmarking service keeps score with how the company is performing relative to other companies in the industry.

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