10 Perspectives Entrepreneurship

We are passionate about helping business owners build value, plan exits, and execute transitions – wisely. Since perspectives matter, especially when the stakes are high and trust is at the core of successful outcomes, we want to share our perspective so you know where we are coming from.

  1. Capitalism and free markets are good and wonderful things.
  2. Entrepreneurs form the backbone of capitalism.
  3. Entrepreneurs who build fine businesses deserve fine exits.
  4. Entrepreneurs should invest the same degree of intensity and commitment to planning and executing their exits as they do to building their companies.
  5. Most entrepreneurs are at an “information disadvantage” when it comes to selling their companies, especially to sophisticated buyers.
  6. Not all companies are created equally; fewer companies will sell “easily” while more companies will face assorted challenges to varying degrees.
  7. Getting a company ready to sell increases the value of the company as well as the likelihood of completing a transaction on reasonable terms.
  8. Getting the entrepreneur ready to sell is equally as important as getting the company ready to sell.
  9. There are a variety of options to how transactions can be structured that cut across many professional disciplines so that it takes a multidisciplinary team of advisors to help achieve the best outcomes.
  10. Outcomes are best measured not just in economic terms but also in aspirational terms, which go beyond financial security and into the realm of family legacies, spending time with those you love, making a difference to people and causes you care about, and – if you are so inclined – starting the process all over again.

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